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Procurement Documents

Direct Payment Permits

Invoicing Instructions

Invoices can be submitted to upayables[at]unnpp.gov. Click here for additional instructions.

All downloadable files are in PDF format.

General Provisions

Document Date Use
Commercial General Provisions 07/2023 Used for fixed price orders for commercial items or services.
Services General Provisions 07/2023 Used for on- and off-site non-commercial services.
DOE General Provisions 07/2023 Used for other fixed price and cost DOE funded procurements.
Navy General Provisions 08/2022 Used for fixed price and cost Navy funded procurements.
Educational Institution General Provisions 08/2022 Used for procurements with universities.
Construction General Provisions 07/2023 Used for construction and building alteration procurements.
Construction Design Build Supplement 10/2019 Supplement for design build construction orders.
Construction Time & Material Supplement 10/2019 Supplement for time and material construction orders.
Lease/Rental General Provisions 08/2022 Used for any rental or lease other than land and buildings.

Solicitation and Purchase Order Instructions

Document Date Use

Other Contract Documents

Document Date Use
Approved Subcontractor Workplace Substance Abuse Program 05/2019 Plan that suppliers can utilize if the DEAR Workplace Substance Abuse Programs at DOE Sites is applicable to the purchase order
Control and Protection of Unclassified Information Not Approved for Public Release 08/2021 Document containing guidance regarding information protection for procurements involving Unclassified Information
DOE M 471.3-1 04/2003 Manual for Identifying and Protecting Official Use Only Information
Example - Certification 10/2019 Example of a certification form that supplier may need to submit.
Example - Certificate of Conformance 10/2019 Example of a certificate of conformance form that supplier may need to submit.
Example - Inspection Report Data Sheet 10/2019 Example of an inspection report data sheet that supplier may need to submit.
Gratuities Letter 02/2021 Policy on gratuities, gifts, and favors.
P-319, Insurance 10/2018 Provides insurance requirements invoked in the purchase order.
P-321, Government Property Supplement 09/2019 Supplemental guidance on Government property requirements contained in the General Provisions.
P-402, Sustainable Acquisition Program (SAP) Specification 12/2022 Used to identify the requirements of the SAP Program and the reporting necessary under this program
P-411, Instructions for Supplier Preparation of Submittals for Reactor Plant and Propulsion Plant Procurements 06/2023 Instructions for suppliers to complete submittal forms (AR, RFI, REC, RAR, DSR) on reactor plant and propulsion plant procurements.
P-412, Instructions for Supplier Preparation of Submittals for Engineering and Scientific Procurements 06/2023 Instructions for suppliers to complete submittal forms (AR, RFI, REC, RAR, DSR) on engineering and scientific procurements.
P-413, Instructions for Supplier Preparation of Submittals for Laboratory Infrastructure Procurements 06/2023 Instructions for suppliers to complete submittal forms (AR, RFI, REC) on laboratory infrastructure procurements.
Supplemental Requirements for Electronic Processing and Storing of Unclassified and Controlled Unclassified Information 08/2021 Applicable document for procurements involving Controlled Unclassified Information


Document Title Use
P-301 Proposal Certifications Required for offers >$250K.
P-302 Supplier Data Sheet - Representations Used to obtain socioeconomic certifications from new suppliers.
P-305 Supplier Certification of Exemption from SCLS Used to certify that an acceptable exemption applies to the work required by the purchase order
P-306 Supplier Authorization for Automated Electronic Deposit of Invoice Payments Used to provide authorization for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments to a supplier
P-307 Instructions for Cost or Pricing Data Instructions regarding submittal of cost or pricing data and using the P-308 to certify cost or pricing data.
P-308 Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data Used as attachment to P-307 to provide cost or pricing data.
P-309 Small Business Subcontracting Plan Instructions Used to obtain a plan from successful offerors on business to be done with small and disadvantaged businesses. Required on actions expected to exceed $750K ($1.5M for construction).
P-311 Final Release of Claims by Supplier Used to obtain release of claims from supplier prior to closeout of purchase orders.
P-311-I Interim Release of Claims by Supplier Used to obtain an interim release of claims from supplier, where appropriate.
P-312 Application for Payment Used to make applications for payments, usually accompanied by invoice and other supporting documentation.
P-313 Assignment of Credits and Refunds Used in closeout of cost type procurements to obtain agreement to assign all rights, titles and interest to all refunds, rebates, credits due under the order.
P-315 Supplier Property Certification Data Used to close out Government property on an order.
P-316 Patent Clearance Approval Request Used to certify if patents are or are not being made in connection with the performance of the purchase order.
P-317 Certification of Royalty Payments Used to certify if Royalty Payments are or are not being made in connection with the performance of the purchase order.
P-324 Change of Name Agreement Used to officially notify FMP of a name change.
P-325 Executive Compensation of First-Tier Subcontractor Certification Used to certify compliance with Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) for orders over $30K.
P-328 Cost Control Review Report Used to submit monthly report of cost commitments, estimated amount required to complete procurement, and other cost control information.
P-331 Subcontractor Daily Timesheet Used to log hours worked on-site by subcontractors.
P-333 Service Contract Labor Standards Compliance Certification Used to certify that wages have been paid in compliance with the Service Contract Labor Standards.
P-334 Authorized Reseller Certification Required for solicitations for networking equipment and other IT equipment as necessary.
P-335 Approval Request (AR) Used to submit technical contract documents (e.g., drawings, specifications, procedures, inspection plans, manufacturing schedules) as specified in the purchase order.
P-336 Request for Information (RFI) Used to request a contract clarification or editorial change.
P-337 Request for Engineering Change (REC) Used to transmit a recommended change to contract technical requirements for the purpose of correcting a conflict or an error in the requirements or improving the equipment or methods of its manufacture.
P-338 Repair Approval Request (RAR) Used to describe a non-conforming condition and request approval to repair the item to be in full comformance to contract technical requirements using a proposed repair that is of a different kind or is more extensive than is allowed by contract technical requirements.
P-339 Degradation of Specification Requirements (DSR) Used to describe a non-conforming condition and to request acceptance of an item which does not conform to contract technical requirements.
P-340 Insurance Release Used to release FMP from liability when the required insurance coverage is waived.
P-341 Workplace Substance Abuse Program Certification Used to certify compliance with the requirements of 10 CFR Part 707
P-342 Quick Closeout Final Cost Certification Used to certify compliance with the quick closeout process defined in the FAR
P-344 Supplier Payment Request Certification Used to certify compliance with invoicing requirements on construction purchase orders
P-345 Coordinated Procedure Review System (CPRS) Procedure Cover Sheet Used to request a review of a procedure through CPRS.
P-350 Subcontractor Material Log Used to identify material purchased in support of a Time & Materials purchaser order
P-416 Cost/Schedule Control & Reporting Requirements Guidance for reporting requirements on cost-type procurements
DavBacon Davis-Bacon Payroll Form Used by construction subcontractors to provide their payroll rates.
DOE 5484.3 Individual Accident/Injury Report Used to report an accident or injury.
DOE 5484.4 Tabulation of Work-Hours and Vehicle Usage, and Property Valuation Submitted to Safety on a quarterly basis.
Standard Form 25A Payment Bond Used as payment bond for site work bidders.
Standard Form 25 Performance Bond Used as performance bond for site work bidders.
Supplier_Prop Supplier Proposal Form Used to submit necessary offer information
WklyStmt Weekly Statement Used to provide certification of compliance with Davis Bacon pay requirements.

Security Documents

Document Title Use
DOE 5631.34 Data Report on Spouse/Cohabitant Used to help determine one's access authorization eligibility to classified data.
PSB F 17-005 Personnel Security Information Report Used to document DOE reporting requirements including any foreign travel, foreign activities, foreign contacts, or other security concerns. MUST USE A COMPUTER WITH AN ADOBE PRODUCT TO REVIEW AND COMPLETE. If the form cannot be completed, email the required information on the reportable item to nrpersec.helpdesk@nrp.doe.gov or leave a voicemail at 518-395-6373.
PSB F 17-005 Instructions Personnel Security Information Report Instructions Guidance on how to complete the form.
DOE 5631.18 Security Acknowledgement Acknowledgment by an individual of one's responsibilities concerning having access to classified data
DOE 5631.29 Security Termination Statement Used for termination of personnel security clearances. Obtained from supplier personnel who received DOE access authorization to prepare a classified proposal when such access authorizations are not needed for other Laboratory classified interests.
DOE 5631.20 Subcontractor Visit Request (5631.20) Submitted to security to verify supplier personnel clearance information for individuals who request unescorted site access and access to classified information.
Introduction to NBIS eAPP Starting the eAPP Security Clearance Questionnaire Instructional video on how to log into eAPP and start the Security Clearance Questionnaire
NBIS eAPP Walkthrough Brief Overview of the eAPP NBIS Application