Architect - Senior/Principal

Architect - Senior/Principal
Idaho Falls, ID

Job Description

The architect in Construction Planning & Development (CP&D) will provide architectural perspective to the NRF site. In particular, the architect will continually analyze and modify the 30 Year Master Plan of the industrial site with a professional campus to ensure site layout and building sizes, shapes, and features accommodate the weather, climate, and topography while providing a safe, appealing, sustainable, and efficient site for employees in meeting the site mission. Strong collaboration technical, and writing skills are required.

Specific duties include:

  • Act as the lead in providing periodic (every 1-2 years) updates to the NRF Master Plan.
  • Interface with the Architect/Engineering vendor and/or General Contractor during the project design phase to ensure designs meet architectural attributes needed for NRF including compatibility with the NRF Master Plan.
  • Prepare conceptual architectural drawings for construction projects during the scoping phase.
  • Provide appropriate building code reviews of construction and maintenance projects as part of a building code committee.
  • Prepare conceptual designs of historic locations and monuments to preserve and communicate the history of NRF.
  • Prepare conceptual designs of appealing outdoor gathering places considering input from the general site population.

In addition, the architect will support, as needed, CP&D in executing the following duties:

  • Provide technical support to long-range site infrastructure planning. This will include identifying and initial planning of new expense projects, General Plant Projects, and Major Construction Projects in the out years using experience, personal research, review of project scoping forms, collaboration with other organizations on site, and system/building evaluations performed by others.
  • Support Program Management to document the long-range site construction planning in the program planning documents.
  • Execute project scoping and development activities to the point of turning over to a project manager after Critical Decision - 0 approval.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor or Master of Architecture accredited by NAAB.
  • Previous experience in industrial architecture.
  • Previous experience with AutoCAD and Revit or equivalent.

Job Preferred Skills

  • Licensed Architectural Registration
  • Previous experience in professional campus architecture

Fluor Marine Propulsion, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is Committed to Workforce Diversity.
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