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Radiological Controls Technician Instructor

Goose Creek, SC

  • Goose Creek, SC, 29445, US
  • 2022-06-05 13:51:28
  • Technicians
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Job Description

The Naval Nuclear Laboratory is seeking a Radiological Controls Technician (RCT) Instructor to support the Moored Training Ship organization in Goose Creek, South Carolina! The site operates the Moored Training Ships to provide training and certification of Navy Operators prior to their assignment to the fleet.

As part of this role, you could have the opportunity to: 

  • Conduct training events for personnel in the area of radiological controls 

  • Write lesson plans and practical exercise packages for review 

  • Execute training lectures and practical examinations using state of the art training facilities 

  • Maintain training records 

  • Provide workplace monitoring of radiological work 

  • Participate in the development of training schedules 

The RCT Instructor will work under the general guidance of more senior technologists, professionals, and management.  The position requires the ability to effectively communicate and coordinate with navy and civilian personnel.  This position also requires working with and around equipment, material, and systems which are sources of low levels of radioactivity.  This position normally is a day shift position however, it may require some overtime on evenings or weekends.  The selected candidate must attain and maintain radiological controls qualifications. 

*Attaining initial radiological controls qualifications requires the candidates to successfully complete the Radiological Controls Technician Qualification School at Norfolk Naval Shipyard.  Attending this school will require temporary assignment to Norfolk Virginia for approximately five months. Expenses while attending Radiological Controls Technician Qualification School will be covered by the company. 

This position includes involvement in the Emergency Response Organization, a group of dedicated professionals committed to ensuring a satisfactory level of site emergency preparedness.

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