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Insulator, Entry Level

Goose Creek, SC

  • Goose Creek, SC, 29445, US
  • 2022-03-14 11:53:53
  • Technicians
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Job Description

The Naval Nuclear Laboratory is seeking a highly motivated Insulator to join our team in beautiful Goose Creek, South Carolina! Are you interested in performing work associated with insulation and other craftsman skills? If so, then you're in luck!

This role will be responsible for the repair, fabrication, removal and installations of a wide range of Navy shipboard and industrial facility insulation, which includes minor work with asbestos and radiological work.  Through training at NPTU Charleston, the selected candidate will learn to manufacture items needed for radiological and non-radiological work, such as containments, bench and equipment covers, utilizing various materials and fabrics which will require sailmaker and sowing skills.  The Insulator will work under close supervision of more senior technicians, and learn how to manage needed material inventory. This position also requires frequent interaction with NNL, Navy and Shipyard personnel.  

If you're interested in becoming part of a 60-year legacy supporting the World's best Navy, apply today!


*The selected candidate will be required to attain and maintain formal state certification for working with asbestos and radiological controls qualifications, if not already qualified.  Schools for obtaining these certifications and qualifications, as well as on the job training of insulator and craftsman skills will be facilitated by NPTU, Charleston. 

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