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Electrical / Software Engineer, Experienced

West Mifflin, PA

  • West Mifflin, PA, 15122, US
  • Schenectady, NY, 12309, US
  • 2021-12-07 12:30:18
  • Engineering/Science
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Job Description

The Naval Training and Simulation (NTS) department at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) designs, develops, deploys, and maintains training simulators for Naval Nuclear Operators across the United States.  As an electrical / software engineer on our team, you will use graphical modeling tools as well as native C/C++ code to develop real-time software models of various electrical machines (power electronic converters, synchronous generators, induction motors, etc.) and their embedded control systems (voltage regulators, speed governors, motor torque controllers, etc.) Through this work, you will grow your knowledge by gaining a unique understanding of the design and operation of various Naval reactor, propulsion, electrical, and control systems as well as the simulation technologies used to model them.

We work in an agile, team-oriented environment, which will provide you with the opportunity to engage in diverse tasks, such as collaborative research, design, analysis, and testing of your software models.  You will also plan, document, and present your engineering solutions to your teammates.  As a more experienced engineer, you will also be called upon to guide, mentor, and review the work of your teammates.  You will work with other software teams to integrate our models into the real-time simulations, which are then installed on simulation equipment and validated against the shipboard equipment.

Our team prides itself on putting complex electrical theory into practice.  We do this by creating software models that simulate electrical machines and their embedded control systems that are used to train operators in the nuclear fleet of the United States Navy.  Are you looking to apply your hard-earned technical expertise and leadership to an engaging new challenge? We are providing you the opportunity to join our agile team.

Skills we are looking for:

  • 3+ years Experience with the design or analysis of electric machines, electrical grids (generation and/or distribution), power electronics, or electric vehicles
  • 2+ years Experience with embedded electrical control systems and software
  • 2+ years Experience with real-time engineering model development
  • High Proficiency in software programming, preferably object-oriented C++
  • Experienced leading in a collaborative team environment to solve technical problems

What we offer:

The diversity in job opportunities and collective expertise of the community at NNL provides engineers the opportunity to continue gaining technical skills and broadening their experience throughout their careers while tackling exciting and challenging assignments. Through engaging, hands-on work, NTS engineers support simulation products from concept through delivery that directly serve sailors in the US Navy. As a national asset, NNL provides employees with excellent pay and benefits as well as excellent work/life balance and employment stability.  

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