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Nuclear Safety Engineer (Experienced)

West Mifflin, PA

  • West Mifflin, PA, 15122, US
  • 2021-12-05 17:01:26
  • Engineering/Science
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Job Description

The Naval Nuclear Laboratory Carrier Servicing Operations (CSO) is seeking an experienced engineer to develop and enhance nuclear safety strategies for servicing our carrier fleet. The CSO organization designs, maintains, and supports the reactor servicing system for the Navy's NIMITZ Class aircraft carriers during their mid-life refuelings and end-of-life inactivations.

Responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to:

  • Own the A4W/A1G Reactor Servicing Safety Reports and Assessments (RSSR/As)

  • Nuclear safety expert to the carrier Reactor Servicing Emergency Response Team (RSERT). RSERT is the reactor servicing counterpart to the Reactor Plant Technical Branch and supports Newport News Shipbuilding in resolving nuclear safety impactful incidents via the Bettis Emergency Control Center (ECC).

  • Develop the nuclear safety strategy for and complete nuclear safety reviews of deliverables from the RSS-Ship Servicing subdivision (mechanical designs, operational procedures and field support instructions)

  • Serve as the interface to the broader reactor servicing nuclear safety community and nuclear safety committees

  • Implement carrier servicing project management tools to ensure the delivery of these critical assets to the Navy

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