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Waste Certifier/Radioactivity Estimator

Idaho Falls, ID

  • Idaho Falls, ID, 83415, US
  • 2021-07-08 14:26:51
  • Engineering/Science
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Job Description

The Naval Nuclear Laboratory is seeking a Waste Certifier/ Radioactivity Estimator to join the Waste Programs team!  The position offers valuable career building experience through interface with high levels of management, disposal facilities and the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.  The position offers the opportunity to gain familiarity with the interpretation of regulatory requirements (RCRA, DOT, NRC, TSCA, ec).  This role involves:

  • Characterizing waste for treatment/ disposal at off-site disposal facilities.
  • Certifying radioactive and hazardous waste for disposal.
  • Perform calculations to determine the activity content of radioactive material and waste
  • Perform calculations to support the development and decay of radionuclide distributions associated with material and waste.
  • Provide oversight reviews of activity calculations.
  • Review work documents, engineering evaluations, and/or analyses to support assigned tasks
  • Interpret regulatory requirements for implementation into waste management practices.
  • Act as the interface between waste generators and Waste Programs to ensure proper generations of regulated wastes.

Qualifications to achieve in this position:

  • Advanced DOT RAM Shipper
  • International Air Transport Association
  • Advanced DOT Mixed Waste Shipper
  • RCRA

Conduct exploratory research, experiments, and analyses to produce knowledge and products. Develop theories for understanding, characterizing, and organizing natural phenomena into a systematic and meaningful pattern for research into inventions, new products, or improved techniques for design, manufacturing, operation, or maintenance. Develop research proposals and approaches to provide a technically and economically sound basis for developing and evaluating new or improved products, methods, processes, and analytical and physical testing techniques. Maintain the technical excellence of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.

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