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Compliance Engineer - Radiological Engineering

West Milton, NY

  • West Milton, NY, 12020, US
  • 2021-03-05 16:34:23
  • Engineering/Science
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Job Description

Specific duties and assigned tasking within Radiological Engineering will support the planning, engineering and execution of work on facilities or areas with a history of radiological use or under active radiological controls.  This includes work to organize, update and maintain radiological historical records, maintain an up to date inventory of areas of radiological concern, provide technical assessments in support of construction, demolition or renovation project work, and support engineering efforts to remediate and release areas of the Kesselring Site from radiological controls as performed either by NNL or by the Department of Environmental Management (DoE-EM).  Additional duties may include performance independent review of mixed waste shipments and advanced-level operations of the In-Situ Object Counting System (ISOCS) equipment.

Personnel selected for this position will be expected to qualify as an Engineer of Radiological Work, Radioactive Source Handler, Radiation Worker, Mixed-Waste Shipper and Advanced ISOCS Operator.  Personnel selected for this position will be expected to support assignment on the Emergency Response Organization.

Performs development and/or follow of programs or projects to ensure compliance with operational, design, regulatory, and Program requirements. Examples include performing work document reviews, engineering evaluations, or analyses to support assigned tasks. Provides subject matter expertise in regulated areas such as environmental, safety, and health, waste management, radiological controls, quality assurance, waste management, emergency planning and fire protection to personnel to support safe and compliant execution of work activities. Work may include providing interface, independent oversight, and assessment of KAPL, subcontractor, and vendor facility operations, material evaluations, design reviews, development of engineering methods, major site system and facility operations. Preparation and maintenance of records and reports to meet regulatory and Program requirements, evaluate and assess site performance, perform surveillances, clarify and implement regulatory requirements, prepare, review and approve technical work procedures and identify improvements to existing processes. May lead or provide support for inspections and interface with outside regulatory agencies.


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