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Materials Engineer - Core Structural Mechanical Fracture Analyst

Niskayuna, NY

  • Niskayuna, NY, 12309, US
  • 2020-12-15 17:12:55
  • Engineering/Science
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Job Description

The Naval Nuclear Laboratory is actively seeking an experienced Engineer or Material Scientist with a track record of successful leadership in the area of fracture mechanics to support the Structural Materials Performance group.  The successful candidate for this position will provide their expertise in fracture mechanics to support research and development into core material mechanical performance with respect to linear-elastic fracture, elastic-plastic fracture, sub-critical crack growth, and crack-arrest.  This will involve the design of experiments to address a broad range of materials R&D needs, data analysis, detailed technical report writing, and model development to describe materials performance.  Efforts will also support design basis generation and work required to retire core structural risks for the operating fleet and the core design. Significant teamwork, often across multiple sites, will be involved including supervising laboratory and component tests as well as performing in-depth reviews of technical recommendations.  In addition to new R&D efforts, the successful candidate will provide technical guidance for design and fleet support decisions based on an understanding of mechanical metallurgy principles. Specifically, the successful candidate will collaborate with the team to: 

  • Provide leadership to the design of experiments and understanding of fracture mechanisms as they relate to an understanding of phenomena including delayed hydride cracking, creep, fatigue, fatigue growth rate, corrosion fatigue, brittle fracture, and ductile fracture of pressurized water reactor core materials.
  • Plan, execute, and lead extensive test programs, including irradiation testing in the Advanced Test Reactor (ATR) at the Idaho National Lab, which culminate in complex data analyses, reporting, and communicating conclusions to internal and external customers. 
  • Support data interpretation across a range of test programs, applying fundamental principles and the results of controlled experiments to practical applications and support development of core structural materials design bases. 
  • Bring new analytical perspective and methods to solve complex material challenges related to core structural performance issues and guide implementation of these methods. 
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