Pre-Employment Process

Below are the steps for the Naval Nuclear Laboratory’s Pre-Employment Process. Please be aware these steps may overlap even though they are presented sequentially.  

Step 1: Inform HR within 3 business days after receiving offer 

Step 2: Complete within 3 business days after accepting offer 

Step 3: Complete within 7 calendar days after accepting offer 

Step 4: Complete within 18 calendar days after accepting offer 

Step 5: Complete within 35 calendar days after accepting offer 


After accepting you job offer, there are several action items that need to be completed in addition to the steps listed above. These items can be found under Step 1: Acceptance Decision. 


Step 1: Acceptance Decision   

DeadlineComplete within 3 business days after receiving job offer. Inform your HR recruiter of your decision within 3 business days after receiving job offer. Once you accept, you will need to complete the necessary Action Items listed below. The Pre- employment Physical is only for those that need one as stated in your offer letter and should be scheduled within 5 business days. The other items listed are due within 30 calendar days. 

1.) Schedule Pre-Employment Physical (This item is only required if specified in your NNL Employment folder and offer letter) 

The pre-employment physical is only required for a limited number of specific positions. If your position requires a pre-employment physical as specified by your HR recruiter and your offer letter, the exam will be conducted at an NNL site. 

How to Schedule: Please call the NNL medical clinic phone number included in your offer letter to schedule an appointment. For this prerequisite, we highly encourage you to call the clinic and schedule within 5 business days of accepting an offer of employment. Doing so will help prevent delays in the overall process. 

What to Bring: Please bring one valid form of identification. (ie: Driver's License) 


2.) Initial Medical History form 

Your Initial Medical History form is included in your NNL Employment Folder. Mail your Initial Medical History form within 30 calendar days of accepting your offer in the self-addressed return envelope. 

Your offer of employment is contingent upon receipt and review of this form. Please be sure it is completed in its entirety without blanks. It is not necessary to have your physician sign the medical history form. Upon receipt, an NNL Site Physician will review and sign the form for you. All NNL locations have a Medical Clinic on site. You will meet with a member of the Medical Clinic staff after you start your employment. 


3.) Employee Intellectual Property and Security Acknowledgement form 

The Employee Intellectual Property and Security Acknowledgment- DOE form is included in your NNL Employment Folder. Complete and mail this form to your HR recruiter in the self-addressed envelope also found in your NNL Employment folder. 


4.) Proof of Degree(s) 

If you did not provide Proof of Degree(s) at the time of your interview, the documentation will be required prior to your start date. This includes Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD. 

If you graduated over 5 years ago, you must provide a c opy of your diploma for each degree included on your employment application. 

If you graduated less than 5 years ago, you must provide an official transcript for each degree included on your employment application. Transcripts are only considered official when provided in an envelope and sealed by the college/university. 

Step 2: Drug Screen 

DeadlineComplete within 3 business days after accepting offer. You may be required to complete an additional drug screen while completing your security clearance application. If required to complete a new drug screen, you will be contacted by Personnel Security. The fee for each test will be paid for by NNL. 

Completing a urine screening for illegal drug use is a requirement in order to receive a clearance and begin working for NNL. Refusing to complete a drug test will result in the termination of your security clearance request. Failure to complete a drug screen in the required time frame is considered a refusal to test and could result in the termination of your security clearance request. 

How to Schedule: Please go to an authorized LabCorp testing location to complete your drug screen. To find a LabCorp site nearest you, please call 800-833-3984 or go to to find a lab and make an appointment. When scheduling an appointment, be sure you are scheduling an "occupational urine drug screen collection" for employment drug testing. 

What to Bring: Please bring and present your "LabCorp Drug Screen Authorization" (Chain of Custody) form provided in your NNL Employment Folder. You will also need to bring photo identification to the testing location. 

Once you have completed your drug screen, LabCorp will forward the results of your drug screen to NNL. The results of the drug screen will be included in your clearance paperwork that is submitted to the government. Please keep the LabCorp donor receipt for your records. 


Marijuana/ Drug use (Federal vs State) 

NNL is committed to providing a safe drug free workplace for all employees. While an increasing number of states are legalizing the use of marijuana, it is still against United States federal law and NNL policy to possess, use, ship, sell, or distribute marijuana for recreational or medical use. 



Step 3: Employee Background Check (EBI) 

DeadlineComplete within 7 calendar days after accepting offer. Clarification of EBI information is due within 3 business days as applicable. 

NNL contracts with Employment Background Investigations (EBI) to conduct Employee Background Checks. Shortly after your acceptance decision, you will receive an email from EBI to complete and electronically submit your online background investigation. It is very important that the information provided to EBI contains all the information you included on your employment application. 

EBI will verify credit history, criminal history, education, references, and all employment for the previous 7 years (L Clearance) or 10 years (Q Clearance). Occasionally, information you provide will require clarification. If you are contacted by your recruiter to clarify any information provided in the background investigation, please provide a written response within 3 business days. 

Note: The employee background check is not the same as the security clearance federal investigation. 


Step 4: Enroll Fingerprints 

DeadlineComplete within 18 calendar days after accepting offer. You will need to schedule an appointment to complete your fingerprints. Your Security Clearance Application cannot be submitted to the government without this step being completed. 

Verification of identity and fingerprints are required to complete a criminal background check and process a security clearance. NNL uses a program called USAccess to obtain your fingerprints and verify your identity.How to Schedule: After receiving an email from USAccess, you will need to schedule an appointment. 

You have the option of going to either a USAccess shared location or one of our NNL locations, whichever is closer and more convenient for you. A headshot and fingerprints will be taken at the time of your appointment. 

Option 1: Schedule an appointment for a USAccess shared locations: 

Option 2: Schedule an appointment for one of our NNL locations. 

  • Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory (West Mifflin, PA) | Tracy McKelvey: 412-476-1087  
  • Liberty Street Office (Schenectady, NY) | Brian Badalucco: 518-395-6080  
  • Moored Training Ships (Goose Creek, SC) | Marvin McDonald: 843-794-5800  
  • Naval Reactors Facility (Idaho Falls, Idaho) | Personnel Security: 208-533-8634 


Step 5: Security Clearance Application (e-QIP) 

Most positions at NNL require a federal background investigation that result in a Security Clearance. These investigations are conducted to gather information to show whether you are reliable, trustworthy, of good conduct, and loyal to the United States. Only after you receive a Security Clearance will you have access to classified information or restricted areas. After receiving a clearance, a reinvestigation is required every 5 years in order to maintain it. 

The Security Clearance Application, also referred to as Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) and Standard Form 86 (SF-86), consists of 34 Sections and requests information regarding various aspects of your life. While most of the application only requires information ranging from 7-10 years, some sections will require you to provide information outside of this time frame. 

Resources to help you successfully and efficiently complete the e-QIP Application can be found under our Resources page. 

Applications must be completed and transmitted electronically and are securely reviewed by Personnel Security to ensure they meet specific government standards. If your application does not meet these standards, you will be contacted by Personnel Security and you will have to resubmit your application once again. After Personnel Security approves your application, it will be forwarded to our Local Government Office, who in turn reviews and submits approved applications to the Investigating Agency to begin your federal investigation. 

How long an investigation will take to complete depends on numerous factors, including the type of clearance being requested. 


Reporting Requirements 

Reporting requirements are what individuals who hold a security clearance or in the investigation process of obtaining a security clearance are mandated to disclose to NNL. 

1) Legal action effected for a name change, e.g. marriage, divorce. 

2) Change in Citizenship. 

3) Any use of an illegal drug, or use of a legal drug in a manner that deviates approved medical direction; 

4) Any arrests, criminal charges (including charges that are dismissed), citations, tickets, summons, or detentions by Federal, State or other law enforcement authorities for violations of law within or outside of the United States. Traffic violations for which a fine of up to $300.00 was imposed need not be reported unless the violation was alcohol- or drug related. 

5) An immediate family member assuming residence in a sensitive country. 

6) Hospitalization for mental health reasons or treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. 

7) Abuses of alcohol (not casual use). 

8) Employment by, representation of, or other business-related association with a foreign or citizen of a foreign country. 

9) Experience financial anomalies: including but not limed to, bankruptcy (personal or business reasons); garnishment of wages for any reason (i.e. divorce, child support); over 120 days delinquent of any debt and any infusion of assets of $10,000 or greater such as an inheritance, winnings, or similar financial gain. 

10) Marry, divorce or cohabitate with a person. A cohabitant is a person who lives with you in a spouse-like relationship or with similar bond of affection or obligation but is not the individual’s legal spouse, child, or other relative (ie: in-laws, mother, father, brother, sister, etc.). 

11) Foreign travel to a sensitive country.