Preparing for an Interview with NNL

On the day of your interview, please plan to arrive about 30 minutes earlier than your scheduled interview to allow for parking and security check in. Most interviews will be conducted for three to four hours. A Naval Nuclear Laboratory representative will meet you and then escort you to your appropriate interview destination.

Forms to Bring to Your Interview

The following forms need to be completed and brought on the day of your interview:

  • Employment Application
  • Conflict of Interests Staffing Form
  • Background Check Disclosure and Authorization (EBI)
  • Two (2) Professional References

If you have lived, worked, or received a degree outside of the United States (including Puerto Rico), our background investigation company requires two additional forms in order to complete an international background investigation. In addition to the forms requested above, please provide these two completed forms on the day of your interview:

  • International Applicant Information Form
  • International Applicant Disclosure Form

Please note, while we request this information at the time of your interview, we will not use this information unless you are extended and accept an offer of employment from the Naval Nuclear Laboratory.

In addition, please bring the following additional pieces of documentation, if applicable:

  • Your updated resume
  • Two (2) copies of your unofficial transcript(s) from every college you attended
  • Two (2) most recent performance reviews

Prohibited Articles

Compliance with Federal, State, Local, and Department of Energy (DOE) requirements concerning potential acts of sabotage and espionage, requires the prohibition of certain articles from being carried on Naval Reactors (NR) Program sites without prior authorization.

The following items are prohibited ANYWHERE on the Controlled Site Property:

  • Explosives and incendiaries
  • Firearms, ammunition and other dangerous weapons
  • Illegal drugs
  • Any other item which is considered illegal or in violation of Federal, State, or local laws.

The items listed below are considered contraband and their introduction into the Security Area is prohibited without prior authorization. However, these items may be left in your vehicle. If you are staying in a hotel, be sure to leave all items and luggage at the hotel the day of your interview.

  • Cameras and film
  • Unregistered personal electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, tablets etc)
  • Transmitting devices
  • Recording devices (audio, video, optical or data)
  • Personal defense aerosols or sprays
  • Copying or reproduction devices
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Radioactive material
  • Personal monitoring devices, (i.e., TLD’s)
  • Computer equipment (hardware/software)
  • Electronic media (i.e., tapes/discs/CDs)

After your Interview

After your interview, please allow for 3-4 weeks for an employment decision to be made. Provided that you receive an offer of employment, please complete the necessary paperwork and forms in a timely manner. As a condition of employment with the Naval Nuclear Laboratory, every employee must obtain a Department of Energy (DOE) security clearance. This process may take anywhere from two months to a year, with an average of about three months.

If you hold citizenship with the U.S. and another country and are offered a position with the Naval Nuclear Laboratory, you must renounce your non-U.S. citizenship in order to accept employment. At a minimum, you must contact the appropriate embassy/consulate by mail and declare your intention to renounce. Typically, the embassy/consulate will respond by letter within two weeks. You must be a sole U.S. Citizen to have employment at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory.

The Security Clearance Process

Individuals are subject to an initial security screening to obtain a DOE security clearance, as required for employment with the Naval Nuclear Laboratory. To expedite the clearance process, please read the following instructions carefully and bring the requested information with you on the day of your interview.

Federal regulations require that you appear in person for verification of identity. When you appear, you must present two (2) different forms of UNEXPIRED identification, one from List A and one from List B.

List A       List B
Passport*       Passport*
Driver’s License       Original Birth Certificate
US Military       Certificate of Citizenship
US Coast Card       Certification of Birth Abroad
*A passport alone does not meet these requirements.

Fingerprints are required as part of your security clearance process. When you appear for personal identification verification, electronic fingerprints will be taken. The fingerprints will only be used if you are extended and accept an offer of employment from the Naval Nuclear Laboratory. Otherwise, your fingerprints will be destroyed.

Herminio, Electrical Engineer
"Working at NNL as an electrical engineer has been an amazing, challenging, and rewarding career. I have worked in many areas of equipment design, testing, and training, and have worked side by side with Navy crews in the lab and onboard the ships. These experiences have given me the firsthand opportunity to see the impact my work has on the Sailors who protect our freedom, and the meaningful contributions that I make to the security of our nation."
Electrical Engineer