The internship program consists of summer work assignments (usually May-August) for college students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate technical or administrative degree program. To allow time for DOE security clearance processing, participants must apply during a specified application time frame. The Naval Nuclear Laboratory recruits for internship candidates at on-campus college career fairs.

Our internship job postings can be found in our list of open positions.


"My internship at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory's Schenectady location was an exceptional opportunity to develop technical skills and experience the life of an engineer who supports the U.S. Navy. I was able to observe their collaborative atmosphere, highly technical work, and great work-life balance. It made my employment choice an easy one. My current job is perfectly suited to my skills and career goals; my internship made that possible."
Jared, Engineer


"The Naval Nuclear Laboratory's internship program challenged me with a project where the subject was new to me, and some nuances were not explicitly covered by my college education.  At the Laboratory, I was able to conduct actual experiments and learn how to interpret the data on my own."
Kyle, Engineer