Fellowship Programs

The Admiral Hyman Rickover Graduate Fellowship Program in Nuclear Engineering (Rickover Fellowship Program)

For more than 60 years, the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program (NNPP) has been at the forefront of technological and operational innovation. We have a proud tradition of producing nuclear reactor plants for submarines and surface ships that provide unprecedented endurance and power. We are a program with cutting edge technology, high technical standards, and integrity that is at the forefront in development of new reactor concepts. If you are interested in a challenging research project and working with some of the finest technical people in the world, then consider the Rickover Fellowship Program in Nuclear Engineering. The Rickover Fellowship Program assists in preparing students for roles in the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program and supports the broader objective of advancing fission energy development through the research efforts of Fellows.

Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in summer practicum assignments at one of our the NNPP prime contractor research laboratories, to gain hands-on experience. Our Knolls Laboratory is located near Schenectady, New York, and Bettis Laboratory is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Both laboratories are operated for the NNPP by the Naval Nuclear Laboratory.

Students with undergraduate degrees in the physical sciences or engineering are eligible to apply for the Rickover Fellowship Program. The program is open to all U.S. citizens who will be entering graduate students or who are currently enrolled in a qualified course of study and are interested in pursuing a research topic applicable to the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.

The Rickover Fellowship Program supports graduate students majoring in nuclear, electrical, mechanical, and materials engineering or other related fields. Research focus areas include, but are not limited to, Reactor Physics, Materials Science, Two-Phase Flow, and Shielding.

The Rickover Fellowship Program is administered by the Medical University of South Carolina. For more information about the Rickover Fellowship Program or to apply, click here.

Program Director:
Dr. Jake Ballard

Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Program

Our Knolls and Bettis locations are approved for fulfilling practicum requirements for students enrolled in the Department of Energy (DOE) Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Program. In their practicum, Computational Science Graduate Fellows are provided a range of opportunities to develop improved algorithms for parallel computer architectures, advanced visualization or advanced data management (e.g., data mining and information discovery), just to name a few. You could be involved in new developments within a number of broad categories, including but not limited to: reactor physics, materials science (including semi-conductor applications), two-phase flow, and radiation shielding.

The DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Program is administered for the U.S. Department of Energy by the Krell Institute. For more information about the DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Program, visit their website at

If you are currently enrolled in the DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Program or another DOE sponsored Fellowship, and are looking for opportunities to fulfill your practicum or internship requirements, please contact our Fellowship Coordinator, Dr. Jake Ballard to discuss your research interests and to explore potential opportunities at the Naval Nuclear Laboratory.

Program Coordinator​:
Dr. Jake Ballard

Herminio, Electrical Engineer
"Working at NNL as an electrical engineer has been an amazing, challenging, and rewarding career. I have worked in many areas of equipment design, testing, and training, and have worked side by side with Navy crews in the lab and onboard the ships. These experiences have given me the firsthand opportunity to see the impact my work has on the Sailors who protect our freedom, and the meaningful contributions that I make to the security of our nation."
Electrical Engineer