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O365@Home and Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

This page contains instructions for temporary access for NNL and BPMI employees to access Office 365 (O365) using a personal device. There are two ways to access O365: (1) via the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) environment, or (2) directly from your personal device.

Please note: DaaS is the only way for Windows users to access O365 from a personal device. You must use DaaS if you have a Windows 10 device. DaaS is not supported currently for Mac and Chromebook. However, IT will be providing a solution for these devices before the access restriction is implemented for these platforms. Company iPhones and iPads will continue to connect to O365 directly as DaaS is not supported on those devices.

System Status

Service Status Comments
    System Access If you experience login errors, please select “Cancel,” then wait a minute and attempt to log in again. This may take multiple attempts.
Office 365  
     System Access  
     SharePoint Online  


Login Instructions

Please refer to the supported platforms and logon instructions below to logon to DaaS or O365 from a personal device.

For login support issues from a personal device please call the IT Help Desk at (518) 395-4357.  When prompted, press option 1 for DaaS or O365 assistance.  The Help Desk line is staffed 7:00AM to 4:30PM ET Monday - Friday.

Minimum Supported Operating Systems Supported Mobile Devices
Windows 10 running Google Chrome 80+

Company iPhone or iPad^
^Mobile devices not supported on DaaS

Google ChromeOS 80+ (Chromebook)*
*Chromebooks not supported on DaaS

macOS Catalina running Google Chrome 80+**
**Macs not supported on DaaS

Unsupported Operating Systems Unsupported Mobile Devices
Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 Personal iPhone or iPad
Linux Personal Android Devices

Compatibility and instructions upgrading to macOS Catalina

Windows 10 Logon Instructions

To connect to the DaaS environment on the Windows 10 Operating System, download the zip file by clicking on the link below: https://navalnuclearlab.energy.gov/ckfinder/userfiles/files/O365_FromHome.zip

Access via DaaS: You must use DaaS if you have a Windows 10 device. For guidance logging onto DaaS, please follow these instructions.

Chromebook Logon Instructions

Direct Access only: For guidance to logon to O365 using a personal Chromebook please follow these instructions.

macOS Logon Instructions

Direct Access only: For guidance to logon to O365 using a personal macOS device with Google Chrome 80+ please follow these instructions.

Install Microsoft O365 Apps for iOS

Direct Access only: For guidance on how to install Microsoft O365 Apps on a company issued iPhone or iPad please follow these instructions.

Next Steps

Once you have successfully logged on following the above instructions, please proceed to the O365@Home website for more detailed information about how to use and access O365 apps and resources.

Please note that our O365 logon portal is https://portal.office365.us and not https://portal.office365.com.

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